It is always my birthday

Whenever I like something it is always my birthday.
And I like a lot. My friends know this and let me be. Great friends.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A different kind of Round Robin Challenge

Our quilt group in Nuertingen Germany did this kind of a RR. We had to make a blocks, houses or stars or trees for example and than pass them on to the other people in our group. They could add all the way around, or just on one side or the bottom or the top. I made the houses with mainly hand dyed fabrics 

This one Sabine made for me. 

This one is Deb's creation. 

Marion added these great trees. 

Helga appliqued some flowers, a walk way and a funny cat in a window. 

I made a bigger house, copied some of what Deb did and added a tree with a cat. 

This is what I did with it, it now hangs behind my bed and acts as a headboard. 
A friend of mine gave me the tiny nine patch, and another friend with a embroidery machine made the sign. The quilt is titled " which way to the quilt shop" .