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Whenever I like something it is always my birthday.
And I like a lot. My friends know this and let me be. Great friends.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Master of my sewing room---we will see!

I am not sure how it happens, but I have so many scraps and pieces of fabrics that I thought I am going to cut them Bonnie Hunter style. I press the pieces, and than cut them into strips from 1.5" to 3 "inches and squares from 2" to 6.5 inches.  
Ich weiss nie wie das immer kommt, aber ich habe so viele Reste von Stoffen das ich angefangen habe sie zu schneiden ala Bonnie Hunter. Zuerst werden die Reste gebuegelt, dann zugeschnitten von 1.5 inches bis 3 inches Streifen, und 2 inches bis 6.5 inches Quadrate.

Here are some strips already cut and sorted. When I keep going I will need a bigger box.
Meine Streifen sortiert. Wenn ich so weiter mache brauche ich bald eine groessere Schachtel.

My beautiful squares in a box. These are 3" inches.
Diese sind die 3 inch Quadrate in meiner tollen Box.

3.5" to 5 inches. It makes it easy for me when I make scrap quilts to just check my boxes for the fabrics needed. I am working on two leaders and enders quilts Bonnie Hunter style. 
3.5 inch bis 5 inch Quadrate in dieser Schachtel. Es macht es einfacher wenn ich Reste Quilts naehe einfach die Stoffstueckle aus der Schachtel zu nehmen. Ich naehe gerade zwei Leaders und Enders Quilts nach Bonnie Hunter. 


Kelly's Korner said...

Great idea! I just throw my scraps in a bag, but this is so nice and organized!

mamarazza said...

Tina, I know exactly what you're talking about ... you should see my basket of scraps! But I'm slowly working my way through it and already have 2 boxes full of nicely ironed and cut and sorted squares and one with strips. Bonnie Hunter style :-) Now I only will have to sew quilts from them...

Corinnea said...

Jess and I have started raiding my scraps and I wish I'd done this! I love the neatness....Mine are a mess but when they get used it's a good feeling. Wait till you see what Jess did...

Annica said...

Das ist eine echt tolle Idee...bin eh grad am organisieren meiner Stoffe und das ist ein sehr hilfreicher Tip.