It is always my birthday

Whenever I like something it is always my birthday.
And I like a lot. My friends know this and let me be. Great friends.

Friday, August 10, 2012

My friend's Grangmothers Flower garden quilt

This Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt is sewn by machine. My friend Alma's Mom made this long ago form her clothing and Alma's clothes.
Now I get to quilt it as my first business quilt, and I am sweating bullets. 

I am quilting 70's flower power flowers on it , and a  meander with leaves and some roses. 
So far I like it a lot, I hope Alma does to. 


JUDY said...

Tina, I have a Grandmother's Flower Garden too, I started it about 15 years ago and should finish it sometime. Maybe your quilting plan would be good for that one too, I like the way your first business quilt is looking!

Frauke Schramm said...

Sure she'll like it - heck,she'll LOVE it !! congrats to your "first time" ;-))