It is always my birthday

Whenever I like something it is always my birthday.
And I like a lot. My friends know this and let me be. Great friends.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Jelly Roll Quilt Challenge Completed

The original pattern had the quilt 
quilted vertically with a beige thread. 
I tried that for about 8 rows, and realized that I did
not like that at all. It took away from the pattern. So I ripped it all out. 

 I quilted the quilt horizontally 
with a blue thread in the solid color bricks, 
and with a beige thread in the light section. 

I bound the quilt with a gold solid color fabric. 
I am happy with it, and hope my brother will be also. 

1 comment:

ingequilts said...

Der Quilt ist toll geworden. Sehr schön wie die Farben verteilt sind. LG, Inge